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Client Guides - it's all about effective Client Communication these days..

For the last four years I have worked with the Society for Licensed Conveyancers to produce a whole range of bespoke guides, forms and declarations  for their clients, available to SLC members for download from the SLC site. Join the SLC to get these for free!
I can work with your firm to produce guides on whatever topics you feel your clients need to get to grips with. Contact me if you are interested…
Popular topics include SDLT questionnaire, Cybercrime, Invasive Species, Joint Ownership, Title Insurance, Property Surveys,  Leaseholds, Help to Buy, Property Boundaries, Buying New-Build Homes, and many more.


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A four page guide and questionnaire for clients to complete.

Japanese Knotweed

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A two page guide to this deal-killing weed


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A two page guide plus an optional four page identity and AML questionnaire

Title Insurance

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A three page guide - what it does and what it doesn't do. Make sure you aren't taking the risk on behalf of the insurer!

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