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  Why Use Client Guides ?

Lets face it, lawyers aren't known for speaking Plain English. The days of clients just blindly accepting what we say have gone.

Google gives clients access to legal guidance, some of it right, some of it wrong and some of it not relevant to their situation. Unless you make sure your clients actually understand  you there is a risk that it will be Google they rely on for advice, not you.

Bad Communication = Complaints and Negligence Claims

What's more, the second most common reason for complaints or negligence claims is failure of communication.

"But I don't have time to go through everything for what the clients are prepared to pay me" you say, "and anyway I send them a four page tightly written letter - surely they can read that and it will cover my back".

But do you think they read the wall of text you send them, when some of them rarely read anything longer than a twitter feed?

And is it just about 'covering your back' ? Clients won't thank you for that - its surely about informing clients so they can make the right decisions.


Client Guides = Efficient processes

Do you think it efficient to repeatedly prepare a formal bespoke letter   saying largely the same thing? Henry Ford would be spinning in his grave...

Commoditised work at low prices needs commoditised processes. We already accept case management systems so Client Guides are the next step. Ask yourself - doesn't every one of the large banking and financial services provider you deal with provide attractively produced explanatory literature on their products - compared to them the average firm of solicitors can seem like dinosaurs.


Learn from your competitors

Why is it that claims management companies and estate agents are the first port of call for clients not solicitors? Perhaps because they are better at communication and speak the same language as your clients. If you can't beat them, join them!


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