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For SDLT Advice try :


David Hannah at Cornerstone Tax


Ann Humphrey, tax solicitor at - see her useful Q&A on SDLT section. She has a book on SDLT coming out in Autumn 2017


Dr. Ros Martin at


Sarah Davis at PEM Accountants, Cambridge


Paul Clark at Cripps, solicitors


Andrew Waddell of Winslows Tax law


The best  single book on SDLT at the moment is :


SDLT by Chris Cox & Richard Woolich- Sweet & Maxwell £175 ish - just published Sept 2017

Precedent commercial leases

Useful publications dealing with property development issues:


Exclusivity Agreement and Non Disclosure Agreement - under tab marked 'Industry Involvement'


Property Development - Le Chat, Law Society Bookshop £99. An absolute must buy!      The best single book on this area  of law - at a bargain price! Includes extensive checklists, and precedents on CD.

 Property Development provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the acquisition of land for development and an analysis of the most commonly used transaction structures. It highlights for legal professionals, developers and landowners the issues and pitfalls encountered by the author in practice. ISBN 9781907698934


Barnsley’s Land Options – Sweet & Maxwell ISBN: 0421856106 4th Ed.


Development Land - Overage & Clawback by Jessel -Jordan Publishing Ltd


Highway Law – Sauvain. Pub.  Sweet & Maxwell


Gale on Easements



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